Sexual dysfunction and low sexual desire are prevalent as females become older, which may reduce one’s self-confidence. At Cameron Wellness Center and Spa, Dr. Todd Cameron and his skilled team want to offer help for your intimate health issues, and our team is thrilled to offer shockwave therapy for women. The advanced Alma Duo™ therapy uses high-frequency energy pulses, which are delivered into the intimate region to stimulate the formation of new blood vessels. This provides a means to improve your sexual desire and intensify sexual sensations. The Duo utilizes a form of low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy to accomplish its objectives and provide sexual enhancement results. Reach out to our team in Salt Lake City, UT to find out more, and see if this women’s sexual enhancement treatment is a good fit to meet your concerns.

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If you experience loss of sensation or apathy toward your orgasms, you could be interested in learning more about the available Women’s Sexual Health Enhancements at Cameron Wellness and Spa. Our Salt Lake City, UT staff gives complete, nonsurgical care, that provides you with many benefits, such as:

  • Little to no break or recovery recommended following the procedure
  • Chance to add additional treatments to emphasize outcomes
  • Choice for patients in multiple stages of life, from just giving birth to experiencing a few effects of aging
  • Increased bloodflow and sensation in and around the vaginal cavity


How is the Alma Duo therapy performed for sexual enhancement for women?
The Alma Duo therapy is a quick and simple technique that requires around half an hour to perform. The specialized Duo hand piece will be applied to the intimate area to promote enhanced blood flow. This treatment for women usually does not involve any discomfort, making it easily tolerable for most individuals.

What is recovery like after the sexual enhancement treatment with the Alma Duo?
Alma Duo is a noninvasive technique. Considering that the full treatment will take place on the exterior vaginal area, you can schedule an appointment in the middle of the day and immediately get back to your everyday activities. Typically, dedicated downtime should not be expected.

Does the Alma Duo therapy hurt?
Because this therapy is an external procedure, you are unlikely to have any discomfort. You might experience a heating or vibrating sensation during the treatment. Nevertheless, the high-frequency waves emitted from the device are not painful for most individuals. The overall goal of the treatment is to provide comfortable care that allows for sexual enhancement.

What causes vaginal laxicity, dryness and incontinence?
Childbirth, aging, heredity