Women’s Health Services

Pap Smears and Women’s Preventive Annual Exams

$85/15mins New Patient

$65/15 mins Return Patient

Note: Labwork is additional. We also offer STD testing.

IV Therapy Drips

Immune Enhancer (most popular) | Sm $125 | Med $175 | Lg $255

Skinny Drip $125

Beauty Drip $125

Competitive Edge $160

After Party $195

Ozone Boost $160

Pre and Post Surgery $195

Detox Dental Care $195

25 Gram IVC $225

50 Gram IVC $285

75 Gram IVC $350

Bon Voyage $195

Migraine $195

Altitude Sickness $195

UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation)

(#1-3) $275 | (#4) $310 | (#5) $345 | (#6) $380

(#7) $415 | ( #8) $440 | ( #9) $475

B-Injections (most popular) | Sm $15 | Med $20 | Lg $25

IV Therapy Add ons:

NAD | DMSO | FreAmine | L-Carnitine | Lysine |

Alpha Lipoic Acid | Toridal | Glutathione | Zofran |

EDTA | MIC | Benadryl | Taurine | Lac Ringer | G6PD |

Vitamin C

IV Mobile Service

When you’re feeling down from a cold, hangover, migraine or any other ailment, don’t leave your home, office or hotel, we’ll come right to your door!

Save more with a group.

Ask about our pricing and availability.

Hair Removal (5-12 treatments)

Small Area $75

Upper Lip, Chin, Glabella, Ears or Toes

Medium Area $150

Full Face, Underarms, Half legs, Half arms,

Chest, Back of neck, Bikini, Full arms

Large Area $300

Full Legs, Back, Chest & Stomach, Brazilian

Full Body $1000

Tattoo Removal (4-12 treatments)

Small 2”X2” and under $150

Medium 4”X4” $250

Large 6”X6” $350

XLarge 8”X8” $500

XXLarge 10”X10” $600

XXXLarge Full Sleeve $700

Private Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle Consultations

Improve eating habits, manage a chronic condition, or enhance overall health with our nutrition and wellness coaching. Ask about our Semaglutide package!

Initial (90 minutes) in person appointment $199

Follow-up and virtual visits (60 minutes) $149

Ask about our Nutrition and Lifestyle Class Schedule

Now Offering Medical Marijuana Cards

New $149 Renew $99

Call 801-486-4226 for an appointment today

General Health/Office Visits

Diagnosis and alternative medical solutions for:

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Thyroid/Endocrine balancing

Digestive issues including SIBO, IBS & Crohns

Lyme Disease, Mold and heavy metal toxicity

New Patient Comprehensive program $440

(This includes 2 – One Hour Appointments)

New Patient Acute Visits start at $85/15 Min

All existing patient visits based on $65/15 Min

(Note: Labwork and testing not included)

Pain Management

Non painful Shock wave Therapy .50/pulse

Neural Injection Therapy $110/treatment

Prolotherapy $165-$220/treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma $350-$450/treatment

Sexual Wellness and Vaginal Rejuvenation

Sexual Enhancement and Erectile Dysfunction

Duo for Men and/or Women (series of 6) $3000

Duo Bedroom Package for two (series of 6 each) $5000

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Femilift-incontinence, pain & tightening (series of 3)$3000

Spa and Laser Treatments


For Healthy Aging and Weight Loss

Semaglutide $500/month

Xeomin – for fine lines and wrinkles $12/unit

Radiesse $800/syringe

Harmony Laser

Acne, scars, fine lines and wrinkles, melasma, rosacea and skin resurfacing. We also offer hair and tattoo removal for both men and women.

ClearLift $350

ClearLift Add-on (Chest, Hands, Arms) $75

DyeVL Photofacial $350

DyeVL Photofacial – back $150

DyeVL Add-on (Chest, Hands, Arms) $75

Pixel Resurfacing for face $800

CO2 for face $2000

CO2 for scars $200-$3000

Toe Fungus $150

Skin Tags $75


Signature Facial $125

Microneedling with PRP $600

Microneedling with AQ $350

Enzymatic Peels $70

Dermaplaning $95

Hair restoration treatment with PRP $1600

Hair restoration treatment with AQ $825 (5 home treatments)

CO2 Skin Resurfacing $2000

Pain Management

Neural Injection Therapy $110/treatment

Prolotherapy $165-$220/treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma $350-$450/treatment