Proper nutrition and regular physical activity are integral aspects of helping with weight loss, supporting the immune system, and achieving an optimal level of wellness. Along with a well-balanced diet and exercise, getting adequate sleep and managing stress are also crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At Cameron Wellness and Spa, board-certified health and wellness coach and registered dietitian nutritionist Denise Gascoigne offers personalized nutrition and health coaching to help you make rewarding lifestyle changes. As a registered somatic movement educator, she also offers somatic movement classes as a part of her health coaching. Under her guidance, you will be given the tools you need to reach your wellness goals. Call our Salt Lake City, UT office to find out more and schedule a consult today.

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When you come in for your nutrition and health coaching consultation, Denise will ask questions about any current medical conditions, wellness goals, current diet, activity level, and additional lifestyle habits relating to your general health. After gathering plenty of information to get an in-depth idea about your needs, she will then recommend personalized lifestyle changes to help improve your overall well-being, which may consist of somatic movement classes, meal plans, dietary supplements, and stress-management tactics. Somatic movement, similar to yoga, is an excellent way to provide stress relief and incorporates a blend of stretches, light movements, mindfulness, and breathing. Throughout your visits at Cameron Wellness and Spa, Denise will support you and hold you accountable to ensure you make the necessary changes you need to feel your best.


If you wish to improve your emotional, mental, and physical health but aren’t sure where to start, our Salt Lake City, UT practice is here to help. Denise Gascoigne is a board-certified health and wellness coach and registered dietitian nutritionist who offers personalized nutrition and health coaching. Through her guidance, you can learn strategies for eating well, reaching weight loss goals, reducing stress, and living a healthier life. Call Cameron Wellness and Spa to set up a consultation now.