Many men and women have hyperpigmentation, which is a widespread cosmetic issue characterized by darker areas that appear on the surface of the skin. These darkened splotches can pop up any place on the body and face and tend to vary in shape and size. Hyperpigmentation may also be caused by acne scars and sun spots from conditions, such as melasma, psoriasis, and eczema. Our team addresses this common skin concern regularly at Cameron Wellness Center and Spa using the Alma Harmony XL PRO laser. Providing skin rejuvenation, these laser-based hyperpigmentation treatments can decrease the presence of this condition and help renew your complexion. Reach out to our practice in Salt Lake City, UT to learn more!

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There are many reasons patients at Cameron Wellness Center and Spa choose to undergo laser-based hyperpigmentation treatments. It reduces the appearance of freckles, dark spots, sun damage, and even discoloration caused by acne scars. Our team is experienced in providing safe, effective skin rejuvenation treatments with minimal downtime. Additional benefits include:

  • Little discomfort during the procedure
  • Low risk for side effects like scarring
  • Faster recovery time compared to other forms of treatment
  • Little downtime required
  • Precise and controlled results


What causes hyperpigmentation?

In some instances, your body can automatically make more melanin than is necessary. A number of environmental and health considerations might also heighten a person’s risk for hyperpigmentation, including specific medicaments, skin trauma or injury, or sun exposure.

How long does the treatment for hyperpigmentation take?

The length and quantity of Harmony XL PRO laser hyperpigmentation sessions at Cameron Wellness Center and Spa will differ among patients and will be based on the extent of the case. In general, each visit lasts approximately less than an hour, and many people can typically diminish their pigmented patches in 3 – 4 sessions spaced out about four weeks apart. During your skin evaluation, our staff can offer further details involving your aesthetic treatment.

What is the cost of laser hyperpigmentation treatment?

The price of treating hyperpigmentation with lasers in Salt Lake City, UT is calculated according to your unique concerns, needs, and how many sessions are needed to achieve your desired cosmetic results. We can help you decide the number of appointments that will likely be necessary and explain the simple financial methods that we take.