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Vital Therapy Products

Vital Therapy Products

We are extremely pleased to present Vital Therapy. THE MOST AFFORDABLE, INTELLIGENT, AND TOXIC FREE PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET. Our criteria demanded:
  • Intelligent ingredients
  • 100% toxic free
  • Cost effective
  • Performance oriented

We partnered with a brilliant naturopathic physician/chemist/pharmacist so as to get exactly what we wanted.  Vital Therapy is the result of a long dedicated search to have a skin care line that we are proud of and that complements our intent to contribute a healing space on the planet. Vital Therapy products are created by combining the freshest ingredients and essential oils to deliver clean products that are unparalleled in today’s skin care industry. Unlike most products, our ingredients are handpicked to add a healing component to our solutions. We exclude all parabens, dyes and chemicals which contaminate your skin and your overall health. In addition to our clean ingredients, Vital Therapy products use the exact isomer, or the ‘Chirally’ correct form of a nutrient, which is more effectively utilized by the skin. Our products repair and rejuvenate your skin without putting your health at risk and address all skin types and conditions. Please ask one of our Vital Therapy specialists to assist you in making an intelligent change in your skin.


Vital Therapy

 Our toners may feel like fluff but they do serious stuff! ANTIOXIDANT TONER For all skin types. Flushes dirt from pores and repairs free radical damage. STRAWBERRY MELON TONER Recommended for dry skin. Soothes, balances and hydrates, to give your skin a fresher appearance.  You will want to drink this, but don’t! ACNE CLARIFYING TONER The AHA’s in this toner decongest pores, help prevent blemishes, and purify and control oil. [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’PEPTIDE LOTIONS’ tags=”] ANTI-AGING EYE CREAM The most powerful antioxidant available that both moisturizes and reduces fine eye lines. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PEPTIDE LOTION FOR ACNE This is a powerful anti-inflammatory lotion. It will even help cystic acne improve HYDRATING RAIN This is a nourishing treatment product. It is so moisturizing to the skin it will only be needed once or twice a week after the initial treatment period. [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’MASKS’ tags=”] HYDRATING MASK This mask will moisturize dehydrated skin leaving soft, smooth skin. TEA TREE CLAY MASK A clay mask beneficial for ridding the skin of impurities. Use on oily, acneic skin to calm irritation and control oil. [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’MOISTURIZERS’ tags=”] ANTIOXIDANT DAYTIME MOISTURIZER This is superior antioxidant face treatment cream. It will moisturize dry, flaky, or damaged skin. ULTRA RICH AHA MOISTURIZER This is the ultimate anti-aging moisturizer to give your skin a fresh and healthy glow.  Combine with Hydrating Rain and Utah dryness is a thing of the past. [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’XUMA ULTIMATE THERAPY TRIO’ tags=”] These three products can be purchased separately or as a set.  Glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidants available is a key player in this Powerhouse Line.  Used individually, your skin will be awakened to the memory of youth.  However, when used in conjunction with each other, you will experience the ultimate in advanced skin intelligence and restoration.

  • Vitamin C Serum Therapy
  • Vitamin A Serum Therapy
  • Peptide Serum Therapy
  • Xuma Ultimate Therapy Trio



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