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SIBO 101 ​

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

Put simply, it is a reflux of bacteria from the large intestine into the small intestine via the ileocecal valve. The bacteria normally live happily in the colon and we want them there. We do not want them to migrate from their home base (since it’s so warm and cozy in the colon after all…wink wink) In the case of SIBO, we have a case of the wrong place “always at the wrong time”. The bacteria aren’t bad guys, they’ve just lost their way. What symptoms can I expect to have with SIBO? Here is the short list: Why should I “give a crap” about SIBO if I don’t have symptoms but test positive? Is my SIBO diagnosis my fault? The small intestine has many protections against bacterial colonization: One or more of the protections needs to fail for SIBO to occur. Am I at risk for developing SIBO? If you answer “yes” to any of these, then you most certainly are! How do you diagnose SIBO: Breath test that measures hydrogen and methane gases over a 3 hour period using lactulose to provoke.

How do I treat SIBO?!

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