We Are Here For You! 

In this uncertain time, we want to extend our support and best wishes to our special community. Each day (and sometimes each hour) the situation changes and that can seem overwhelming. We want you to know that our team is finding creative, helpful ways to support you from a distance.

A lot of you have experienced tremendous anxiety and fear. Know that you are not alone! We’ve been truly touched by the strenth of our community; we remain committed and strong to our people.

Also remember, we have a lot of tools to offer that can provide you with some relief. Stress has a tremendous impact not only on your immune system, but also on your hormone levels.

Patient Care, Telemedicine, & Hours

As you may know, we are no longer seeing patients in office at this time (see below in “Prescription Refills…”). However, we are happy to schedule a visit with you over the phone or via telemedicine. Thank goodness for technology!!! 

Also, do not let finances get in the way of your health; we are willing to set up a payment plan. This is the time you need the support the most, so don’t wait to call and schedule an appointment. Call the front desk as usual with any questions or to schedule a visit, 801-486-4226. Our temporary hours are Monday through Friday, 10AM – 4PM.

Prescription Refills, Blood Draws, IV Therapy, & B Injections 

We have decided to temporarily suspend blood draws, IV therapy, and B injections. It is a tough decision for us, of course, but we feel like it is the most socially and medically responsible thing we can do. Thank you for your flexibility, as things are changing rapidly. Stay tuned! 

If your prescription is expiring soon or has expired, please call our office to schedule a brief visit with your prescribing provider, either Dr. Cameron or Dr. Postma. They will make sure that you are taken care of by the best of their ability.

Immune Support & Supplements

While our choice of supplements to offer have been dwindling, we were able to source bulk powdered ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) at a great value. We highly recommended taking high doses of Vitamin C up to bowel tolerance for immune support (see below in “Online Education & Talks”). 

You could also use powdered ascorbic acid to make your own lyposomal Vitamin C, similar to the Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C we typically carry (but is temporarily unavailable). For a simplified lyposomal C recipe, click here. For an advanced and higher quality lyposomal C, click here. If you would like additional support, check out this Facebook group.

We have also formulated an Anti-Viral and Immune Support tincture, which was inspired by world-renowned herbalist and author, Stephen Buhner. Click on the link above to learn more!!!

If you would like to purchase any supplements from our office, please call and pay over the phone. We will deliver them to you out in front of our building to your car. We ask that you please do not come inside. Alternatively, you can try to buy supplements from our online dispensary, Fullscript

Online Education & Talks

We are excited to start offering you tips and tricks to keep you and your family healthy, all online! Here is a brief teaser of what is to come: 

  • How to dose vitamin C to bowel tolerance 
  • Supporting your immune system without supplements
  • Calming anxiety and fear 
  • Fun facials to do at home
  • And much much more…

Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for latest videos, information and updates.

Stay safe, stay strong, and stay positive!

Cameron Wellness Center and Spa Team