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What People Are Saying

Amazing place! And much better results been going to your regular doctor. And very affordable. With an awesome staff!
-Joe G. 


Knowledgeable and kind professionals. Hardly ever any wait time. Very peaceful environment. Hunt recommend!
-Jen B. 


-Maggie B.


I can’t even begin to explain how much Dr. Postma has helped me in my health journey. I have been to a handful of functional medicine doctors but Dr. Postma is different.

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He takes the time to figure out the root cause and tackle it from there. He made a simple change to the kind of iron I was taking and it did wonders for my iron levels, energy, and hair. He truly cares about his clients. Thanks, Dr. Postma!!

-Amy Q.


I had Signature Facial and Eyebrow Wax with the lovely gal, River, at Cameron Life Spa. She spent time massaging my face and hands with the yummiest smelling products imaginable.

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I simply felt amazing afterward, like a Queen! Thank you, River. Eyebrows are on point too! She did exactly what I needed.

-Megan S.


I have a very stressful job and extenuating family circumstances along with effects from a kidney transplant that all contribute to high blood pressure. I’ve occasionally resorted to statins as recommended by my nephrologist.

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I met with Dr. Postma three times for biofeedback therapy to accentuate my stress relief and blood pressure I found better ways to calm myself and significantly better breathing techniques to mindfully control my stress and blood pressure. I really respect the technology and expertise used by Dr. Postma and highly recommend the treatment.
-Bryan S.


I highly recommend seeking treatment with Dr. Cameron.
I had been seeing a Naturopathic doctor in Kansas City, KS prior to moving back to SLC, and was looking for a Naturopathic

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doctor to be my family’s primary care provider. I’m glad I found Dr. Cameron. My 7-month-old son developed an earache, and I was looking for alternatives to antibiotics. Dr. Cameron was 100% supportive of this. Within 2weeks my little one was free of the infection with Dr. Cameron’s suggested supplement protocol. I’m very grateful to Dr. Cameron and his staff!
-S Nakai


Great and helpful people. I love the vibe. They fix me up every time.
Bryan M.


This place is that amazing place you never thought could exist where you have knowledgeable people who tell you how to prevent things as well as amazing bedside manners/friendly staff. I’ve also been to the spa it is equally amazing!
-Tiffany P. 


I’ve been visiting the Cameron Wellness Center for eight years, upon the referral of a friend, when I was having vertigo that stumped other doctors (but didn’t stump Dr. Cameron).

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Time and again, I have trusted Dr. Cameron to look out for my best interests, and not the interests of big pharma. He has extensive knowledge that can help provide true healing, not just a band-aid over symptoms, and I’ve referred friends and family to the Center countless times. I’ve enjoyed watching the practice grow over the years, adding staff and services, and now a spa! :) The Cameron Wellness Center and Spa are well worth the time and money spent for a visit. Even if you are fortunate to be healthy, I highly recommend a vitamin IV before your next trip or when you think you’re coming down with a cold, or a visit to the spa!
-Kristen E. 


I love this place, I get b12 shots every week. The staff here is amazing and they have a lot of awesome services to chose from.
Sjaani W.


River does my eyelash extensions and she does such a great job! Very meticulous and makes them look very natural!
Allie W.


Dr. Cameron is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. He takes ample time with his patients and gives holistic, natural, and sound care-while still properly integrating modern medicine. His staff is kind and helpful.

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It was life-altering to become a patient of his and I’m grateful to have found Cameron Wellness Center!
-Natalie H.


Great place. Very concerned Dr. And the staff are very pleasant Michelle at the front desk is amazing. You will be well taken care of and feel the love and concern by all the staff oh and the vitamin shots are great too.

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I have not been to the spa yet. But it does look like they do a full service of care as well. I would refer everyone I know to Cameron wellness. Take good care of yourself and loved ones and set up an appt. tell them Greg referred you.
-Greg T.


Dr. Cameron is a very good physician for our son. As a naturopathic physician, he will give you advice that medical doctors cannot. If you ask your medical doctor if you can take a supplement he

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or she will say “It hasn’t been approved by the FDA….Bla blah blah”. And yet they will prescribe Xanax and Oxycontin to children. He put our son on a high-quality list of supplements that keep him healthy. We live in Ogden, so he is over 40 miles away from us. We call in questions he gives us an immediate answer! Talk about amazing customer service! I have called him asking him about pink eye, or asking about supplements. Our son is ahead of his development goals when compared to other children his age. I attribute this to our ‘Real food is medicine” theory.
-Christopher H.


Compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. I’ve always been treated well and got what I’ve needed. Thank you!
-Amy J.


-A. T.


-Camille I.


Very helpful. Polite.
-Angela E.


I highly recommend this Spa & Clinic. Friendly/Compassionate staff. I always leave feeling better!
-Joshua C


Dr. Shawn was great, very professional, and kind!
-Madeline B.


Loved my facial with River! She is knowledgeable, professional, and kind. The products used felt wonderful, and my face glowed!
-Irene H.


Life-saving treatment. Compassion, service, and wisdom are what I find every time I go. Dr. Todd Cameron is my personal hero!
Angel H.


I love this place. Compassionate, understanding, and beautiful people. All the staff and doctors are easy to talk to. Thank you, Michelle, Noellia, Todd, and everyone else.
-Caroline A.


Absolutely! My family has used Todd for the last four years. He is thorough. He is honest. And he has walked us down the path to wellness!. Thanks, Dr. Cameron, Michelle, and the Staff! You guys are the best!
-Tim C. 


I have seen Dr. Cameron now for about 2 or 3 years. I absolutely think he is a great doctor. I had so many allergies and so many health problems and he gave me natural alternative remedies that really helped me improve.

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I love the staff and it is so nice not to have to be waiting in a room full of patients and wait an hour then finally go in for 10 min and be rushed by the doctor so he can get to the next patient. I really like this environment (the alternative vs. Westernized medicine) and will always be a big believer in alternative/naturopathic medicine. 
-Celeste T. 


C. A. W.


-Kon G.


My girlfriend had been to over 10+ doctors and nobody could figure out what was wrong with her. She had total systemic pain and all kinds of problems, and when we came to Dr. Postma,

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he gave her a small homeopathic treatment that helped lower the severity of the symptoms so much. It will be a long journey of healing for my friend, and Dr. Postma made it a road easier to walk. Thank you.
-Nicholas N.


Truly holistic, compassionate, knowledgable, and dedicated to complete healing. Dr. Postma knows how to get to the heart of things providing deep healing at the root.
-Robert L.


Dr. Postma is very compassionate, non-judgmental, very easy to talk to, but most importantly he listens and asks questions to really understand you and your situation to give you the best treatment and/or advice.
-Billy A. 


I am very grateful to have found Dr. Postma. He is an excellent doctor and clearly has a heart for his patients. He is very thorough in his diagnosis, following up as needed to ensure

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I have all the tools to get healthy again. I thoroughly trust his judgment and advice and have frequently recommended him to others.
Alicia A.


Dr. Postma is making a huge improvement in my quality of life. Under his direction and wisdom, I have gotten off all my prescription meds and solved several health issues.

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I particularly appreciate his quiet, concerned demeanor, his attention to detail, and how well he explains things in a way I can easily understand. This enables me to move forward with complete confidence in his recommendation. I highly recommend him!
-Dean H.


Great staff!
Michael R.


Best facial in town at the Life Spa!!! The staff was warm and welcoming, Suzanne is so knowledgeable and the products smelled amazing! Overall, great experience, thank you!
-Sarah G. 


-Diana M


Dr. Cameron doesn’t just treat symptoms, he attacks the root of the problem. He is highly knowledgeable and very detail-oriented.
-Nikolas G


I came to Dr. Postma after having tried and tried to find an answer for my health issues from various prestigious hospitals in the area. He fully listened to my story, answered comprehensive questions,

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and was patient with me and he tried to find the right solution to my problem. No problem nor test could help me, but after a session with Dr. Postma, I felt an almost immediate and full recovery. I cannot thank him enough for helping me get my life back on track!
-Anne M.


Dr. Postma is a caring, intuitive doctor. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to optimize their overall health and well-being!
-Leanne B


Dr. Postma has the unique combination of a kind compassionate bedside manner with excellent clinical skills and individualized care. I can confidently recommend his services, for primary care, biofeedback, and physical medicine.
-Megan A.


When I first began working with Dr. Postma, I had already been turned away from five previous medical doctors who didn’t know how to help me…other than to tell me to “let go of stress” and perhaps try an antidepressant drug.

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This was a very scary point in my life as I had quickly come upon severe digestive issues, debilitating fatigue, and hormonal acne in a very short period of time. I knew my health had rapidly declined over a period of a few months and I intuitively could not accept that I was simply supposed to relax. I needed help as I could feel my health and hope getting worse every day. My first appointment with Dr. Postma was 2 hours long as he dug into every aspect of my health history and current conditions. I felt heard and understood as a patient. He immediately devised a plan for my recovery, along with my input, and ordered lab tests. Sure enough, the labs provided clear insight into what was going on with my body. He helped put me on a focused treatment plan, provided nutritional recommendations, and supplemental herbs and vitamins to support my healing. I immediately started to feel improvement and like I was on the right track. For anyone who has ever been seriously ill, you know it took a while to get your body in that sort of poor condition. Years of burning the candle at both ends in my corporate career, poor nutrition, and genetics had played a part in my health falling apart. With a treatment plan in place, Dr. Postma helped me get my health – and life – back on track. To be honest, I remember the person I was at my first visit – crying, scared, nervous, and fearful for what was happening to my body. Now, I am a happy, motivated, and energetic person. I am the first in my house to bounce out of bed every morning! I’ve created a beloved career out of the ashes of my former life, learned how to comfortably live a healthy lifestyle, and learned sustainable work/life balance. Dr. Postma’s guidance has been central to my transformation. Furthermore, working with Dr. Postma has been especially powerful because I have been able to schedule counseling and shamanic appointments as needed, right alongside my medical appointments. As we all know, our thoughts, behaviors, and internal sense of purpose have a profound impact on our overall health. Having a doctor who can understand and support me in all dimensions of my health and well-being is a rare gem in the medical field. This is why I am happy to refer my own clients and friends to his care whenever the opportunity arises. He is someone I trust and has helped me change my life for the better. I will always be grateful for his health care and guidance through that very challenging period in my life.
Nicole D.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Postma as my primary care provider for two years. Having an ND as a primary care provider has been really effective in many ways especially as it relates to working with my other allopathic

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(the typical MD specialties) physicians. I feel way more informed about my health and specifically how my energetic, spiritual, and emotional health interplays with my physical health. Dr. Postma is knowledgeable, caring, and patient.
Scott W.


I went to see Dr. Postma because I suspected that my emotional and spiritual health was deeply affecting my physical health, and needed someone with expertise in and passion for both to help me through

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a challenging time. Dr. Postma made me feel so welcome and safe during my time with him and was very accommodating of my hectic schedule and my desire to include my wife in my appointments. As a naturopathic doctor myself, I was so impressed with his unique insights into my health, and valued his care for me so much. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Dr. Postma!
-Sarah O. 


-Priya W.


Dr. Postma is a kind, caring and knowledgeable soul. I don’t think I could find a better doctor.
Alicia S.


I find Dr. Postma to be incredibly genuine and sincere in his care for my health. His effect puts me at ease from the beginning. I also appreciate that he has so much more to offer in his medicine ‘toolbox’.

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It’s so refreshing to get away from the model of a 15-minute visit and just prescription drugs. Dr. Postma is an absolute gem and I’m excited to have a medical outlook that helps on a deeper and more lasting level.
-Y Lan N


I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Postma. I was awed by his ability to hold a calm, non-rushed pace in the office visit and really listen, I felt like I was having a conversation with a good friend.

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Also being able to get my back and neck adjusted at the same time was handy, so I didn’t have to visit my chiropractor. Highly recommended!
-Andrew S. 


Cynthia B.


-Renee K.


Dr. Cameron and staff are amazingly qualified lifesavers.
-DeDe A


Very good doctors and most affordable in town!! They treat the root cause of every issue and know the best remedies!
Shannon N.


-Sharlesa A.


Dr. Cameron and his team really do care about people. You are not just a number and just a patient to him. You are a Human just like him and he treats you like one. 

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Takes time to make sure you understand what is going on and what he is thinking. Much better than any other GP I have ever seen.
-Lex R.


I went to this guy, and he charged me $200 the first time then next time he charged me $100 per visit. First time visit, he didn’t talk about anything but this new product he bought I forgot the name

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of the product but something like lemenox or something it suppose to help built up vessels, later I find out that product didn’t work at all and he stoped calling me and having me come back to get tested, few times he tested and it didn’t work he was saying that something was wrong with the product and that he needs to talk to his rep just come back next time and will get results, but every time I go back I get charged. he never address my problem or did he explained to me how he will treated he just bragging and bragging about this product that he was selling me for $75 dollars per bottle full of pills. When they stop calling me, I was confused why are they not calling me for my test results, that’s when I called them and they sad that they looking into it and dr will call me back, I never here’s back from them again. They are scamm and I don’t believe this guy at all what he says. I’m very disappointed in your practice and I will never recommend anyone to him. Go to full circle care much better than this guy.
Daniel B.


-Sheryl K.


Love the competence of this guy. Always super calm and explains everything very clearly. He took really good care of my daughter when she wasn’t filling well. Highly recommended.
Thomas H. 


He is very patient with his patients. Thank you.
-José G.


Dr. Cameron has been treating me and my family on and off for about 15 years. He is so knowledgeable and caring. It amazes me each time how much he knows about many different health conditions.

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He is passionate and truly does the research to be on the cutting edge. His medical background combined with his naturopathic education, in my mind, gives him full credibility. I am so thankful that we have Dr. Todd Cameron keeping us healthier!
Holly F.


Marie C.


-Katie L.


Dr Cameron is extremely knowledgeable, highly intuitive and makes you feel heard, understood, and deeply cared about. He was the first doctor I’d been to who demonstrated and proved to me

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that there’s no distinction between the body, mind and spirit, and how suppressed emotions can develop into physical symptoms. The care I received from him changed the course of my life, my perception and understanding of the body, and ultimately my health. He is simply the best, most amazing doctor.
Cristina R.


10+ years experience with Dr Cameron. When it comes to the endocrinology I have found no one better in 15+ years of searching. He treats both cause and symptoms. His nursing background creates a great mix between traditional main stream and naturopathic medicine. Strongly recommended.
Justin R.


Dr. Postma is very knowledgeable and had a wonderful calm bedside manner. I highly recommend him!
-Conor H. 


Dr. Postma is wonderful, very communicative, and gentle yet effective.
-Patrick H. 


Dr. Cameron and his staff are extremely knowledgable and friendly. I come in on a regular basis for their IV Vitamin Therapy and I am very pleased with the entire experience. 

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Cameron Wellness Center has a variety of medical services and treatments that I would highly recommend you trying.
-Jeff B. 


Gina B.


-John W.


-Chloe K.


As a colleague and friend Dr Cameron is the very best at his profession. He has helped me in numerous ways and continues to help. Thanks Todd for being there for me.
-Alan N. 


Candi B.


-Kevin A.


-Poppy M.


-Daintrie Z.


I have been very impressed with everyone I have dealt with from the Cameron Wellness center. Dr. Cameron, the nutritionist(Beth) and pharmacist(Traci) are all kind, caring and very helpful. I would recommend anyone with internal “medical” concerns to see what they can do for you naturally!
-Michael F.