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Information About Naturopathic Family Medicine Services

Naturopathic medicine uses natural remedies for chronic illness, digestive care, mental health, pain management, breast implant illness, small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, and thyroid and adrenal support. The professionals at Cameron Wellness Center and Life Spa embrace proven methods like hormone replacement therapy, bio-impedance analysis, and detoxification to address a wide number of ailments. We encourage patients to schedule an appointment at our Salt Lake City, UT, location to restore comfort and function to their bodies.

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Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy provides an optimal level of hormones to help men and women feel more energized and support healthy aging.

We employ natural solutions to treat thyroid imbalance (hypothyroidism) and adrenal insufficiency to help you experience improved energy levels.

To help patients successfully manage chronic diseases, we uncover the root cause of the condition and offer a personalized approach to treatment.

We offer diagnosis and alternative medicine solutions to treat and manage chronic digestive issues, including SIBO, IBD, H. pylori, and more.

Mental health is often linked to physical health so we take a whole-patient approach to treating depression, anxiety, irritability, and more.

We offer regenerative medicine treatments for pain management, including neural therapy, PRP injections, acupuncture, massage, and prolotherapy.

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