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Want to lose weight but don't know where to start?

A bio-impedance analysis (BIA) can help us create a personalized weight management plan just for you!

  • How much fat mass have you lost?
  • How much muscle have you gained?
  • Are you drinking enough water?

Measurable results you can see each week!

What is a Bio-Impedance Analysis Test?

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), also known as a Bio-Impedance Test is an extraordinary test that measures your tissue health. Simply stated, this instrument measures the impedance or opposition to the flow of an electric current through the body fluids. Impedance is low in lean tissue but high in fat tissue. The goal is to bring your tissue health to its maximum level. Here are some of the important measurements the BIA looks at:

  • Body Composition: It measures total fat.
  • Total Body Water: The total amount of fluid in the body.
  • Body Cell Mass: The total mass of all the metabolically active components of the body such as the muscles, internal organs, blood. It’s a sensitive indicator of nutritional status.
  • Total Fat: Fat percentage healthy and unhealthy weight, excess levels are associated with increased risk for a wide variety of cardiac conditions.
  • Extra Cellular Mass: The support mass of the body, consisting of extracellular fluid, and solid such as bones and cartilage. Its primary function is to support and transport nutrients, wastes, and fluids.
  • Phase Angle: This is a measurement of the cell membrane’s health. The higher the phase angle, the healthier the cell membrane and overall cellular health and function.
  • Cellular Health: By measuring Phase angle and Capacitance.

Is It Safe?

A very small amount of electrical current travels through the right side of your body. This is unperceivable to the patient. People with pacemakers should not be scanned, and those with metal plates or implants are assessed on an individual basis.

Who Can Benefit From This Test?

Although everyone may benefit from the analysis, our practitioners regularly use Bio-Impedance in patients enrolled in our weight management programs and those with hormone and toxicity issues. Note: This procedure is most useful in combination with dieting and exercise; it helps the physician assist the patient in meeting their goals in the most efficient way.

Understanding Your BIA Results

  • Resistance: Resistance is the ratio of electrical potential to the current in a material. A material with low resistance conducts well whilst a material with high resistance conducts poorly. The primary conductor in the human body is water. In the human body, low resistance is associated with large amounts of lean body mass. High resistance is associated with smaller or low amounts of lean body mass. Resistance helps to calculate the amount of water in the body. Low resistance, indicating high conductivity, is due to large amounts of water in the body. Resistance in the body is proportional to the amount of lean body mass since water is contained primarily within lean body mass.
  • Fat-Free Mass: Fat-free mass, also referred to as lean body mass, is the total amount of nonfat (lean) parts of the body. It is comprised of muscle, bone, tissue, water, and all other fat-free mass in the body. Lean body mass contains the majority of the body’s water, metabolically active tissues and bone, and is the source of metabolic calorie expenditure.
  • Fat Mass: Fat mass is all the extractable lipids from adipose and other tissue in the body. It is the total amount of stored lipids (fats) in the body and consists of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is located directly beneath the skin and serves as an energy reserve and as insulation against the outside cold. Visceral fat is located deeper within the body and serves as an energy reserve and as a cushion between organs. Everyone needs a certain amount of fat in their body. The ideal fat % is dependent on age and gender.
  • Basal metabolic rate (BMR): This is the number of calories consumed and metabolized at a normal resting state over a 24 hour period. For a typical person, BMR accounts for about 60-70% of their total daily expenditure. This simply means that the majority of the energy we expend daily is used to maintain normal bodily functions such as respiration and circulation. Basal metabolic rate is determined by lean body mass. Therefore, the greater the individual’s lean body mass, the greater the rate of caloric expenditure. One of the many benefits of exercise is the maintenance of lean body mass. Dieting alone may cause a reduction in lean body mass and can actually reduce the body’s ability to burn calories. One of the principles of weight management is to maintain or increase lean body mass. Since this is not always possible during weight loss, the goal is to minimize the reduction of lean body mass.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI): This is a measure of a person’s weight relative to their height. Please be aware this classification has limitations as it does not distinguish between fat mass and fat-free mass.
  • Total Body Water (TBW): Total body water is the amount of water retained in the body. TBW typically comprises between 50%-70% of total body weight. In general, men tend to have a higher water weight than women due to a greater amount of muscle. Copyright © 2010-2014 Feel Good Nutrition, Inc

Bio-impedance FAQs

How can I prepare for bio-impedance?

There is not a lot of preparation involved with bio-impedance. However, please inform a member of our staff if you have a pacemaker or metal plate. These devices may interfere with the safety and success of your results. Cameron Wellness and Spa can provide additional instructions based on your health and individual needs closer to your appointment.

How long does bio-impedance take?

A session including bio-impedance will last approximately 30 minutes, but patients should plan to spend at least 45 minutes to an hour in our office in Salt Lake City, UT, as they will also receive a full body composition analysis and consultation with our team. We also suggest arriving early to fill out any necessary paperwork and forms.

Why choose us for bio-impedance?

Our staff is proud to be composed of trained professionals who have extensive training, knowledge, and experience in bio-impedance as well as a number of other treatments to improve your health. For your convenience, we operate in a professional office environment with our own private treatment rooms and equipment.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.