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What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser-assisted skin resurfacing at Cameron Wellness Center and Spa is a noninvasive cosmetic procedure that makes use of precise beams of light to remove damaged skin layers. This procedure is offered to reduce facial lines and wrinkles and for minimizing skin irregularities, including acne scars, pigmentation, and other issues. Utilizing the Harmony XL PRO, laser skin resurfacing is known to be a great procedure for people who want clearer, softer, younger-looking skin. Based on the condition of the complexion, the treatment can be customized for the best results. There is some recovery time needed with many laser resurfacing treatments. Any questions or concerns can be addressed with our team during your appointment at our Salt Lake City, UT office.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is an excellent choice for patients in the Salt Lake City, UT area who want to improve damaged skin, minimize skin irregularities, and obtain a fresher look. Laser skin resurfacing with the Harmony XL PRO platform at Cameron Wellness Center and Spa provides several pleasing and functional benefits, including:

  • Rejuvenating the complexion
  • Curtailing the appearance of wrinkles and lines
  • Evening out rough texture and tone
  • Diminishing skin damage and scarring
  • Reducing skin discoloration and spots (age, sun, melasma, etc.)
  • Improving acne scars and other scar types
  • Treating visible or enlarged pores
  • Tightening the facial skin


How much does laser skin resurfacing with the Harmony XL PRO cost?
Laser resurfacing prices vary, depending on the type of treatment you choose. In your consultation, our team will listen to your concerns and goals before reviewing the different types of laser resurfacing available. After this, we can help you decide on your resurfacing treatment and discuss costs. Cameron Wellness Center and Spa often offers skin treatment specials and packages so be sure to ask in your consultation.

How can I help my skin recover after a resurfacing treatment?
Our staff will discuss ways to help your skin heal after a laser procedure with you. The number one rule is to not peel or pick your skin. This could create lasting damage, including scars. You should forgo all hair removal methods in the treatment area, which means no shaving, waxing, or depilatory creams. We can suggest an ointment to help soothe your skin.

How often should I get laser resurfacing treatments?
Depending on the laser resurfacing options you and our team select for your treatment, you might need to wait a few weeks or even months between treatments. Deep treatments will provide longer-lasting results but do require a longer recovery period. You should tell our staff about how often you are willing to return for appointments so we can take this into account when choosing a treatment plan during your consultation.


Pixel Resurfacing starts at $800 with an average treatment time of 90 minutes. Recovery time is 1 week and the next appointment should be every 4 weeks.

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