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Laser Scar Treatment in Salt Lake City, UT

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What is Laser Scar Treatment?

At Cameron Wellness Center and Spa in Salt Lake City, UT, our expert team performs innovative Harmony XL PRO laser scar treatments. This noninvasive procedure can decrease the size of a scar and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. Laser scar treatment can help with one or multiple scars, and we can use it on different parts of the body. No matter the cause of your scar, you may want to reduce the constant reminder of your injury or trauma. During a private consultation, our team will assess your scar to determine if laser scar treatment is right for you. Please call to schedule an appointment and learn more.

What are the Benefits of Laser Scar Treatment?

Over-the-counter creams and other products may not be enough to reduce the size and appearance of a scar. Laser scar treatments at Cameron Wellness and Spa can provide more dramatic results, especially when it comes to the improvement of deep or raised scars. Additional benefits include:

  • Minimizing the appearance of redness, darkness, and discoloration
  • Improving the texture, tone, and overall look of the skin
  • Softening hard or raised scars to make them less noticeable
  • Reducing pain or tenderness that can be associated with a scar
  • Noninvasive with minimal downtime

Who Is A Good Candidate for Laser Scar Treatment?

The best candidates for laser scar treatment at Cameron Wellness and Spa are individuals in good health who would like to minimize the appearance of one or more scars. Many scar types can be treated, including acne scars and scars from injuries or trauma. Most skin tones and types qualify for Harmony XL PRO scar treatment as well. Patients in Salt Lake City, UT who choose this treatment should be realistic about their outcomes. Laser scar treatment can significantly reduce the appearance of scars to be imperceptible to most, but it is not a wholesale scar removal treatment. Additionally, men and women who opt for the treatment may need several sessions to achieve their desired results.

What Can I Expect After A Laser Scar Treatment?

Depending on the depth of your laser scar treatment, your skin may experience mild redness, tenderness, and swelling and need up to ten days to recover. During your consultation and after your procedure, we will give you detailed instructions on what to expect and how to help your skin heal for the best results. You will need to avoid direct sunlight on the treated skin and use a soothing ointment. The number one rule is do not pick at your skin, as this may cause additional scarring. While many people can see noticeable results after one treatment, most will need multiple treatments to achieve the best outcomes.


How many laser scar treatments are necessary?

Each situation is different, and some patients may require more or fewer treatments than others. However, most patients will only need 4 – 6 laser scar treatments before they've received the maximum benefits of the procedure. After your initial consultation with our team at Cameron Wellness Center and Spa in Salt Lake City, UT, we will have a much clearer picture of your specific treatment plan.

How soon can you perform laser scar treatment after an injury?

The length of time you must wait after the formation of a scar depends on its source. For instance, if it stems from a surgical procedure, it is usually safe to perform laser scar treatment after only a few weeks of the stitches being removed, allowing the scar to completely heal. However, acne scars may be treated as soon as the underlying acne outbreak is under control.

Can laser scar treatment completely remove a scar?

Unfortunately, there is currently no treatment that can make a scar go away entirely. Instead, laser scar treatment is a useful method for significantly reducing the visibility of a scar.

Is laser scar treatment painful?

Some patients find laser scar treatment to be painful and others do not. The patient experience will largely be decided by the type of laser, depth and area of treatment, and the patient's own pain tolerance. Those who have undergone the treatment usually refer to it as feeling like having a rubber band repeatedly popped against their skin.

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