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Food Sensitivity Resources

Starting an elimination/reintroduction diet doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Below are some resources that will help you in your journey. We strongly encourage you to review all applicable resources for the best possible outcomes. For many of our patients, this process helps them to expand their palate and try delicious foods they have never heard of before. Be curious and have fun. You can do this…it’s only 3 weeks!!!

Core Resources

Adverse Food Reactions

Food allergies vs. food intolerances vs. food sensitivities.

Understanding Trigger Foods

Learn about symptoms and conditions that can be associated with adverse food reactions.

Food Reintroduction

Track your symptoms when you reintroduce foods back into your diet.

Alternative Foods

A Guide to Eating Gluten-Free

Learn about hidden sources of gluten and alternative grains, flours, and more.

Dairy-Free Diet

Learn about hidden sources of dairy and other alternatives to milk, cheese, butter, and more.

Egg Substitutes

If you can’t eat eggs and a recipe calls for it, check out this resource of egg substitutes.

Additional Resources

Elimination Diet Comprehensive Guide

Learn everything you need to know about the elimination diet and being successful.

Elimination Diet Weekly Planner & Recipes

Use this weekly planner to help you with recipe ideas for your entire day.

Phytonutrient Spectrum Foods

Optimize your food choices and nutrition by following this helpful guide.

Elimination Diet Food Plan

Use this quick reference for finding healthy sources of protein, fats & oils, and more.