Post Treatment Laser Care Instructions and Product Descriptions


Post Treatment Protocols

ClearLift Post Treatment Care and Follow-Up

  • Apply Aloe Vera gel for soothing
  • Avoid direct sun exposure on treated area; use of UVA/UVB sun blockers is highly recommended.
  • Patients should return to the clinic 3 to 7 days post treatment for examination of the treatment site.
  • If adverse side effects occur (hyperpigmentation), sun protection and spot-resurfacing depigmenting agents such as hydroquinone will help obtain resolution.
  • Intervals between treatments can be increased in successive treatments.
  • Treatment is complete when satisfactory results are obtained.
  • Patients should be instructed to avoid sun exposure in between and after treatments.

Resurfacing/Ablative Post Treatment Care and Follow-Up

Post-Treatment Care and Follow-Up:

  • Cool area with ice pack or Zimmer.
  • Apply Aquaphor immediately after treatment and as needed for up to 24 to 48 hours.
  • After treatment the skin becomes red or appears sunburned for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Mild to moderate discomfort for 12 to 48 hours.
  • On day 3, apply post-laser products or moisturizer and sun block.
  • On Day 5, you may gently ex-foliate.
  • Sleep elevated and use ice packs as needed for the 24 hours.
  • May experience itching.
  • Down time is decreased with subsequent treatments.
  • Full recovery in 5 to 7 days.
  • Number of sessions: 2 to 3
  • Treatment interval: 2 to 4 months apart
  • Results will continue to improve over 6 months once treatments are complete.

Laser Tattoo Removal Post Treatment Care and Follow-Up

  • Cool treated area directly after treatment.
  • Apply a layer of USF Ointment beneath a dressing of nonstick gauze and paper tape.
  • Change the dressing twice daily by gently cleansing the area with soap and water and continue until re-epithelialized.
  • Keep the area moist with balm or ointment at all times.
  • Avoid sun exposure after and in between treatments. Apply sun block.
  • Treatment every 8 to 10 weeks for 8 to 12 treatments for tattoos.
  • Treatment every 2 to 3 week for 3 to 5 treatments for pigmented lesions.

Laser Hair Removal Post Treatment Care and Follow-up

  • Apply Aloe Vera gel and sun screen.
  • Return between 6 to 8 weeks after treatment and for additional treatments if necessary.
  • 6 to 10 treatments are recommended. Treatment is complete when satisfactory results are obtained.
  • Avoid sun exposure after and in between treatments.

Post Treatment Product Description – Cost of bundle $294.00

Mystiq ILuminating Cleanser - $34.00 - 6 oz

Purify skin with this luxury skin brightening cream cleanser, both hydrating and soothing with Mastiha, Orange Plant Stem Cells and a bold botanical blend. Gently removes make up and dirt.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Illuminating Mastiha, Orange Plant Stem Cells, Vitamin C and E, Tomato Extract, Summer Snow Flake Extract, Narcissus Extract

Mystiq ILuminating Beauty Oil - $69.00 - 0.5 oz

Indulge your skin with this light-weight luxurious hydrating oil. Harmonizes with your skin to provide all day hydration. Provides luminous results with exclusive Mastiha Oil, Madonna Lily Plant Stem Cells, and Vit C.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Madonna Lily Plant Stem Cell, Illuminating Mastiha, Vitamin C: BV-OSC, Cut Leaf Ground Cherry Extract, Hemp, Argan, Baobab, Sea Buckthorn and Pomegranate Oil.

SPF Solar Shield 30 Oil Free - $44.00 - 2oz

Shield your skin from harmful sun damage with this light-weight and essential UVA/UVB protection. This anti-aging moisturizer rejuvenates and strengthens with a silky matte finish.

KEY INGREDIENTS: 21% Zinc Oxide: More physical SPF protection, Slippery Elm: Soothes and balances skin, Yarrow Root: Releases heat preventing possible pigmentation, Sea Oak Extract: Natural SPF and skin brightener, Trifecta of Plant Stem Cells: Prevents UV aging, pigment, and breakouts

AQ Active Serum – Daily Topical System - $125.00 - 1oz

Designed to promote rejuvenation, the AQ Active Serum contains patented Growth Factor Technology to help stimulate natural growth, organization and maintenance of your own skin cells

Active Serum Benefits

  • Helps decrease wrinkles and fine lines
  • Aims to build collagen naturally
  • Improves appearance of skin texture and pigmentation
  • Can fade stubborn sun damage, age spots and scars

Perceived skin aging, such as wrinkles, roughness, pigmentation, and loss of elasticity, is largely due to damage caused by environmental factors. In fact, researchers have found that almost 90% of skin aging is due to exposure to UV light from the sun. This process is known as photoaging. Air pollution, smoking, and irritable toxins are among other factors contributing to perched aging. Repeated exposure to these factors result in skin that is unable to maintain its structure and health due to the breakdown of collagen and decreased production of growth factors.

Designed to promote rejuvenation, the AQ Active Serum contains patented Growth Factor Technology (U.S. Pat. 8,518,879) to help stimulate natural growth, organization and maintenance of your own skin cells. AQ Active Serum has been formulated to maintain a stable conformation of high-purity fibroblast growth factors that are genetically similar to those naturally made by the body. Supplementing the face and neck with AQ Active Serum can help the skin naturally rejuvenate itself, returning the skin to its youthful state.

Standard Process – USF Ointment - $22.00 - 1.75oz

Whole Food Moisturizer and Dry Skin Ointment for Dry Hands and Dry Skin – Great to use as a balm for ablative and tattoo removal treatments.

Key Ingredients: Lard, Lanolin, Sunflower Lecithin, Flaxseed Oil, and Beeswax for Smooth Skin.