Many people suffer with chronic pain, whether it’s the result of injury, a disease, or an unknown illness. Chronic pain can take a toll on your daily life and may impair your ability to perform the most basic tasks. This can feel debilitating and emotionally exhausting, and may even lead to anxiety, depression, or mental instability. If you feel consumed, exhausted, or overwhelmed by a painful condition, get in touch with the wellness experts at Cameron Wellness and Spa. We utilize regenerative medicine techniques to alleviate pain and offer lasting relief. Discover more about our natural and regenerative options for pain management by scheduling a consultation at our office in Salt Lake City, UT.

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Prior to performing any treatment, you’ll have an initial consultation with our team. They will review your health history and pain levels, and lab tests may be conducted to determine the root cause of your issue. We will review any test results with you before recommending a customized treatment plan to help you manage chronic pain. We offer the following treatment options:

  • Shock Wave Therapy (Alma Duo)
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections
  • Prolotherapy
  • Neural therapy (nerve block injection)

Your customized treatment strategy may include one or a combination of therapies to promote your body’s innate healing mechanism. Our goal is to provide as much pain relief as possible as we support you on your journey to natural vitality and wellness.


What are the different types of pain?

There are four categories of pain, including:

  • Functional pain — has no specific or obvious cause but still causes pain.
  • Neuropathic pain — caused by nerve irritation or damage (neuropathy, radicular pain, trigeminal neuralgia).
  • Inflammatory pain — caused by inflammation from your body’s immune system (gout, rheumatoid arthritis).
  • Nociceptive pain — caused by a tissue injury (post-surgery pain, mechanical back pain, and arthritis pain).

How do you describe pain to your doctor?

At Cameron Wellness + Spa, when you come in for a consultation with a member of our staff or Dr. Cameron, they will ask you to describe your pain and ask you some questions about it. Here are some ways to help you describe the causes of and symptoms of your pain:

  • Timing — Does the nature or severity of your pain change due to the time of day, weather, activity level, season, or body position?
  • Severity — On a scale from 1 — 10, how bad is your pain?
  • Region/Radiation —Where is your pain located in your body? Does it shoot (or radiate) out into other parts, for example, back pain that shoots into your leg? Does it hurt on one side more than the other?
  • Cause and Cure — This is called provocation and palliation. What were you doing when the pain began? What provokes your pain, and what makes it feel better?

What can happen if chronic pain is left untreated?

Besides the trauma of having to live with daily pain, chronic pain can have a major impact on your life with decreased mobility, lowered immunity, irritability, eating and sleeping problems, decreased ability to concentrate, and a generally lower quality of life. That’s why it’s never a good idea to just “power through” or accept chronic pain. You should always seek treatment to address the cause of your chronic pain so you and your doctor can devise a treatment plan.

How does PRP therapy help with pain?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy works to help injured joints, tendons, and ligaments heal by using a concentrated form of your body’s healing factors to speed recovery. It has been shown to be effective for knee and other joint injuries, osteoarthritis, chronic lower back caused by degenerative disc disease, and more.

What is prolotherapy for pain, and how does it work?

Prolotherapy involves injecting a mixture of dextrose and a mild anesthetic into the treatment area (joints, ligaments, tendons) to help initiate the body’s inflammatory response to speed healing, promote the formation of new tissue, restore function, and reduce pain.


Chronic pain is an issue that no one should have to live with. At Cameron Wellness and Spa, we start by diagnosing the root cause of the issue. Then, we utilize alternative medication treatments and natural therapies to help you get lasting pain relief. We encourage you to schedule an appointment at our office in Salt Lake City, UT to find out more about what’s possible through natural solutions for pain relief.