Situated in the heart of Millcreek, UT, our facility features an alternative medical clinic and spa, which are home to cutting-edge technology and a staff that is highly trained to provide safe, effective treatments. Upon entering our doors, you can feel free to make yourself at home in one of the cozy, oversized chairs. Our doctors provide high-quality services within comfortable, private treatment rooms while cozy IV rooms can accommodate 3 – 4 people. For your convenience, plenty of parking is available in the back of the building. We also offer an on-site supplement store along with healthy snacks available to purchase.


Cameron Wellness Center…The Dream Was Born

During medical school and residency Dr. Cameron, and his wife Jennie, envisioned a clinical practice that included general naturopathic and specialty medical services combined. Therefore, in 1997, Dr. Cameron and his family returned to Utah and established one of the first Complementary and Alternative medical clinics in Utah. Dr. Cameron’s passion for providing safe, effective medical care to his patients, lead to the creation of the Cameron Wellness Center; state-of-the-art technology, innovative treatments, and caring practitioners offer hope and inspiration to our patients. Today, the Cameron Wellness Center remains a safe, healing oasis located in the heart of the Millcreek community.

The Birth of the Spa

Once we realized that expansion was possible next to our existing clinic, we began searching for the best services we could add to our menu that would help facilitate true positive life changes in our patients.

That’s when the Cameron Wellness and Spa was born!

Thus from the vision and inspiration to its opening was one full one year! And through our own transformation, we haven’t forgotten our original dream to create a healthcare and spa experience unlike any other for our patients and their families.

The new Cameron Wellness and Spa brings together an environment of healing, relaxation, renewal, and rejuvenation, with the most innovative alternative medical technology and expertise. Helping you transform your life, one amazing experience at a time…

What does that mean for you?

  • Imagine getting a facial and adding a B shot?
  • What about a ClearLift laser treatment with your nutritional IV?
  • Let’s look at your hormones and diet and help your complexion from the inside out

Can you only imagine the possibilities?

We decided to start all over in order to provide you with the best spa services in a brand new beautiful space! You won’t have to go any further than Millcreek for all your alternative healthcare and spa needs!

We’re Here To Help You Transform, One Amazing Treatment At A Time!

The Culture at the Cameron Wellness Center and Spa

The Cameron Wellness and Spa is a warm and inviting healing space that provides patients with a sense of hope and support. Working as a dynamic team, we are able to offer many modern alternative medical services as well as nurturing, supportive spa treatments to provide amazing, life-changing experiences for our patients. This culture strives to create an environment for learning, healing, and educating; both for the patient and the practitioner alike.

Our patients are those who are seeking a different kind of healthcare…But what are they seeking?

  • A positive, long-lasting relationship with their doctor
  • An alternative to prescription medications
  • More energy and vitality
  • Holistic solutions for ailments such as sore throats, colds or flu
  • A positive and hopeful approach to chronic illness
  • Information about hormone balancing, adrenal/thyroid issues, and age management.

Our amazing team is educated to provide you with an experience unlike any other. Here you will find an ideal union of the best alternative medical technology together with nurturing aesthetic, massage, acupuncture services, and lifestyle programs to help you find balance, restoration, and natural wellness; while being pampered too! This union allows you to experience a variety of signature services intended to reverse the effects of aging and restore your body to a natural state of wellness. Based on your age, state of health, and skin type; together we create a customized plan for wellness on all levels. This plan will help you discover your true nature and restore your natural vitality and health.