Cameron Wellness Center and Spa is privileged to house a passionate lineup of individuals with diverse skill sets who all function in harmony to produce striking outcomes for our patients in Salt Lake City, UT. Each of our aesthetic consultants is trained to handle our modern collection of technology, such as the Harmony XL PRO. In order to help you acquire the look you crave, our staff works to learn about you on a personal level to better recognize your desires and insecurities and organize a treatment plan that completely focuses on them. Each part of our faculty greatly values the relationships they have established with the patients in their care.

Jennie Cameron

Clinic and Spa Director

Clinic and spa director Jennie Cameron is an experienced business leader who oversees administrative affairs and ensures optimal patient care. She and her husband, Dr. Todd Cameron started the center in 1996 where she became the Clinic Director at that time. Jennie was the proud recipient of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business program scholarship in 2013 and the 16 weeks in the program added extensive knowledge to the business about metrics, marketing, leadership, and what it takes to create a successful, thriving small business.

Michelle Christensen

Clinic Manager

As clinic manager of Cameron Wellness and Spa, Michelle helps foster a professional, warm environment where patients feel welcome. She has been working as the clinic manager of Cameron Wellness and Spa for more than six years. She strives to use her 25 plus years of management experience to help the clinic run smoothly and create a healing, compassionate atmosphere. Michelle loves the opportunity for constant learning, as well as building relationships with patients. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor adventures and making jewelry that she sells online and at the clinic. She has known and loved the Camerons for more than 20 years and believes in their dream of holistic, individualized healthcare for everyone.

Aimee Steinly

Nurse Practitioner

Aimee has been a nurse practitioner since 2018 in gastroenterology and colorectal surgery. She is skilled in minor procedures and ablative therapies. Prior to finishing her doctorate degree at the University of Utah, she was a registered nurse for 14 years and has worked in many areas of care including plastics/aesthetics. Aimee has always had a passion for natural medicine and integrates this into her daily practice. In her off time she loves to travel, walk her two dogs, make fun memories with her son, attend live music and socialize with friends/family.

Janis Turley

Nurse Practitioner

Janis is a family nurse practitioner who has specialized in aesthetics for the last four years. She has injected at Medspas and a plastic surgery clinic. She is able to come up with a plan for treating different aging concerns with Botox, fillers, and biostimulators, as well as recommending complementary treatments like lasers and peels. Outside of work, Janis enjoys staying active with friends and, exercise especially with her kids.

Courtney Gormus

Nurse Practitioner

Courtney has been a Family Nurse Practitioner since 2020 with experience in family practice, post-injury management, and graduate nursing education. Before completing her Doctorate degree in Nursing Practice and Family Nurse Practitioner certification at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, Utah, she was a registered nurse for 13 years. She worked primarily in the inpatient and outpatient oncology setting, as well as case management and nursing education. Courtney is passionate about natural and functional medicine and enjoys seeing the positive outcomes these modalities bring to her patients. In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband and two boys, baking, listening to podcasts, and hiking.

Kristin Ludwig

Kristin has been a master aesthetician for 4 years. She has worked at several med spas and loves making people feel beautiful in their own skin by enhancing their natural beauty. Kristin has a knack for helping you find the best treatment for your individual skin needs, she is certified in lasers as well!! Outside of work she loves spending time camping with her husband and kids.

Tim Jensen

Mobile IV Nurse

My name is Tim Jensen. I have almost 2 years experience doing home infusions and over 20 years as a registered nurse working in almost every aspect of nursing care. I enjoy talking to people, and making them feel comfortable while gettig their IV infusion. In my spare time I like to work with wood building, paddle boarding, BBQing and hanging out with my 4 grandchildren.

Erin Ah Sue

Mobile IV Nurse

Erin Ah Sue, a native of Hawaii, pursued her education at Chaminade University of Honolulu School of Nursing. Over the past five years, she has gained valuable experience working in different Emergency departments across Utah and California. What sets Erin apart is her deep-rooted passion for wellness. She firmly believes in the power of wellness to enhance people’s lives and promote happiness. With this core value at the forefront, Erin is dedicated to making a positive impact on individuals’ well-being.Through her extensive experience and unwavering commitment to wellness, Erin strives to provide compassionate care and support to those in need.

Kristen Reid

Mobile IV Nurse

Meet Kristen, a compassionate and caring registered nurse of 11 years. Her experience spans caring for infants to the elderly in many settings. She loves to beone on one with patients and be able to get to know them better as to know howbest to care for them. Her IV skills are superb having worked in surgical pre-op and recovery most of her career. She is a nurse mentor to many nurses and the one that nurses come to for help with difficult IV starts. She is empathetic, detail oriented, and has an excellent clinical knowledge background.

Kristen enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 little boys. They love to hike, explore, and play board games!

Lindsay VanLeeuwen

Mobile Nurse

With 20 years of nursing experience primarily spent in the ICU and ER, shifting my focus to supporting others in their journey of finding their highest and best self, became my ultimate passion. I love connecting with others on a personal level, helping to better understand what fuels their soul and drives them to feel their best. When I’m not spending time with others, I love spending my days connecting back to myself with yoga, or outside connecting with nature by hiking, mountain biking, or snowboarding. Otherwise, I’m off getting lost on weekend adventures with my dog, Bowie!

Denise Gascoigne

Registered Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

Introducing Denise Gascoigne, a highly experienced Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach, and Registered Somatic Movement Educator. Denise is excited to join the Cameron Wellness Center & Spa, working alongside Todd Cameron, a knowledgeable naturopathic doctor and expert in the field of hormone regulation.

Heather Watson

Registered Nurse

Heather has spent most of her life caring for other people. After graduating from the University of Utah with her nursing degree, she worked tirelessly with patients in one of the largest trauma emergency hospitals in Hawaii, and later with cardiovascular patients for Intermountian Health Care. She began her journey in functional medicine in 2021 where she was able to begin to understand “why” certain things were happening in the body, not just “how” to treat them. She began working with patients using IV Therapy, procedures relating to sexual health, as well as procedures to restore gut health to some suffering patients. Heather loves what she does, and the people she gets to work with and take care of at Cameron Wellness Clinic. Her attention to detail makes sure that patients are well cared for. Outside of work, she is the proud mom to three boys, and two girls (all teenagers), as well as three teenage stepchildren. She is a voracious reader, and is a self-proclaimed “plant lady”…her oldest plant is 26-years-old, and she loves to garden and craft.

Perla Perez

Medical Assistant

I am Perla. However you can call me Perly, Perlz, Pearl, or “when you feel all alone just call me little sunshine”. I love helping people heal, I’d like to brighten your day! I believe in the body, mind, and soul connection. I’d love to help with your healing journey. Being poked is never fun! With me it will be different, I’m a very experienced vampire/phlebotomist……So please don’t be scared to come see me you’ll barely feel it!

Amy Mault

Front desk Team

Amy is passionate about helping people feel better in their bodies and is very excited to be a part of the Cameron family! Amy began her education in 1996 at Myotherapy College of Utah was where she learned the massage therapy trade. After many years of providing massage services in high end spas as well as a holistic substance abuse recovery center, Amy realized she wanted to understand more about how the body works and completed her Associate’s degree in Health Sciences in 2015. She says working at Cameron Wellness has been the greatest thing to happen to her since the birth of her child in 1999. In her spare time, Amy loves to cook and eat vegetarian food with her daughter, take long walks to clear her mind, and snuggle with her 16-year-old Maine Coon cat, Baby.

Mackenzie Hicks

Front desk Team

Hi I’m Mackenzie, I work as the receptionist and Mobile IV dispatcher here at Cameron Wellness. I am 25 and I am currently expecting my first baby and I am so excited! I love painting and spending time with my kitty, Poppy. I love working at Cameron Wellness because it feels like one big family and I love how patient focused our whole team is!

Nani Kuresa

Front desk Team

I am a mother of 6, and have been in management for 16 years before coming to Cameron Wellness Center & Spa. About 5 years ago I was a patient of Dr. Camerons when I was having issues with my thyroid and he helped me immensely! I am currently a student at Provo College getting my BSN and I am having so much fun working here and learning so much about holistic medicine.