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How Hormones Affect Your Sex Drive

Are you wondering how to boost your sex drive? Are things not working like they use to? Well, know that you are not alone and may actually have a hormonal imbalance. It is estimated that sexual dysfunction affects about 43% of women and 32% of men. About 10-20% of men and women suffer from sexual arousal disorders, including erectile dysfunction in men and female sexual arousal disorder in women. Sexual pain disorders are fairly common as well, impacting 10-15% of women and less than 5% of men1. While there are many potential contributors to sexual dysfunction, an imbalance in hormones may be the primary culprit. For example, low levels of testosterone in men are strongly correlated with a decreased sex drive (although not as strongly associated in women), an inability to get or sustain an erection, and a general feeling of exhaustion. Low levels of estrogen seem to negatively impact sexual desire as well, especially for women. Estrogen also plays a role in vaginal lubrication, whereby improving pleasure upon intercourse. Lastly, high progesterone levels, on the contrary, can actually inhibit libido. If you are ready to reclaim your sexual vigor, make an appointment today to check your hormone levels. Many of our patients have reported significant improvements in their sexual health following bioidentical hormone replace therapy or BHRT. 

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