There are countless reasons why a person may feel a general sense of fatigue, including hormonal imbalance, dietary deficiencies, or a simple lack of sleep. Oftentimes, low energy levels are accompanied by other symptoms as well, like a weakened immune system, which may not respond to traditional and/or over-the-counter treatment options. For many men and women, naturopathic medicine provides an opportunity to finally achieve relief from unwanted symptoms, like chronic fatigue and the inability to fight off infection, without the need for synthetic or prescription medications.

At Cameron Wellness and Spa in Salt Lake City, UT, our team of naturopathic experts is proud to offer a wide array of holistic treatments and procedures, including high dose ozone therapy, to help patients get the symptom relief they deserve and feel more like themselves once again. Scroll down to learn more about the benefits of high dose ozone treatment, including how it can help boost energy levels and improve your body’s natural immune response.


What is high dose ozone therapy?

High dose ozone therapy is a popular naturopathic treatment that can be used to improve a number of symptoms without the need for oral medications or synthetic chemicals. Instead, high dose ozone therapy involves the infusion of ozone gas into the patient’s blood, which works to energize the cells, stimulate regeneration, improve the body’s immune response, and more. During treatment, a small tube of blood is drawn from the patient’s arm. Ozone gas, which is an energized three-oxygen atom, is then “mixed” with the blood through a specialized process. Finally, the ozone-rich blood is then reintroduced to the patient via an intravenous drip, or IV.


What are the benefits of high dose ozone therapy?

The potential benefits of using high dose ozone IV therapy extend to patients with a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. Some of the most common complaints that can be improved with high dose ozone therapy include:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Low energy levels
  • Inflammation
  • Weakened immune response


How soon does ozone therapy start working?

Most patients will notice an improvement in their unwanted symptoms after a series of about 3 – 4 high dose ozone treatments, with a full course of therapy typically including between 6 – 10 treatments. With follow-up treatments at regular intervals, many patients are able to achieve reliable symptom relief and consistently higher energy levels.


What other IV therapies should I consider?

During your initial consultation for naturopathic therapies in Salt Lake City, our knowledgeable providers will assess your symptoms and conditions, evaluate your overall health, and explain all of your available options in detail. In addition to high dose ozone therapy, we offer a complete range of IV drip therapiesultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI), and other treatments that are designed to keep patients feeling their best, relieve unwanted symptoms, and boost the overall health and function of the body naturally.


Optimize your energy and function with high dose ozone therapy in Salt Lake City, UT

Whether you have an underlying condition that causes a weakened immune response or you simply have been feeling more sluggish or bloated than usual, you may stand to benefit from the natural properties of high dose ozone therapy. From reducing inflammation to enhancing your body’s ability to fight infection, high dose ozone therapy offers potentially life-changing results. For more information on using high dose ozone therapy to combat your disruptive symptoms naturally, call Cameron Wellness and Spa in Salt Lake City, UT to schedule your private consultation with our naturopathic medicine experts today.

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