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Healthy, Easy Snack Ideas

One of the best ways to make sure your kids eat well this year is to have healthy, easy snacks readily available. Here’s some snack ideas that will make your lives easier and healthier!

Assign one of your fridge drawers the snack department for the family. In there they can eat anything they find. Here’s some ideas of what to keep in the drawer:

  • Veggies and hummus
  • String cheese (try Babybel cheese for a change, and the kids’ love to unwrap them!)
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Assortments of nuts
  • Apple slices and peanut butter
  • Yogurt and berries
  • Celery sticks and cream cheese (add raisins to make Ants on a log)
  • Mozzarella and cherry tomatoes
  • Almond butter and dark chocolate
  • Baby carrots and ranch dressing

Note: for best results have the snacks already in containers or sacks so they’re easy to grab and go.