Cameron Wellness and Spa | Salt Lake City, UT

Office Highlights

Situated in the heart of Sugar House, UT, our facility features an alternative medical clinic and spa, which are home to cutting-edge technology and a staff that is highly trained to provide safe, effective treatments. Upon entering our doors, you can feel free to make yourself at home in one of the cozy, oversized chairs. Our doctors provide high-quality services within comfortable, private treatment rooms while cozy IV rooms can accommodate 3 – 4 people. For your convenience, plenty of parking is available in the back of the building. We also offer an on-site supplement store along with healthy snacks available to purchase.

Our Accolades from Best of Utah Body & Mind

best of utah


  • Best Naturopath - 1st place
  • Best Wellness Center - 1st place
  • Best Alternative Medicine - 2nd place


  • Best Naturopath - 1st place
  • Best Wellness Center - 2nd place


  • Best Family Practice Clinic - 2nd place
  • Best Pain Clinic - 1st place
  • Best Kinesiology/Biofeedback Practitioner - Dr. Shawn Postma - 1st place
  • Best Day Spa/Wellness Center - 2nd place
  • Best Integrative Medicine Practice - 2nd place
  • Best Naturopath - Dr. Todd Cameron - 1st place


  • Best Pain Clinic - 2nd Place
  • Best Kinesiology/ Biofeedback Practitioner - Dr. Shawn Postma - 1st Place
  • Best Day Spa/Wellness Center - 1st Place
  • Best Integrated Medicine Practice - 2nd Place
  • Best Naturopathic Doctor - Dr. Todd Cameron - First Place


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