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Seasonal Depression

As light dims and temperature drops and our attention naturally turns inward, it is natural to feel down. At the Cameron Wellness Center and Spa, we believe you can beat the winter blues with Acupuncture. In pre-modern life everything slowed down, we had more down-time to rest, reflect and be with family.  However in modern life we are expected to remain very active and many people feel too rushed, especially during holiday’s. As a result we do not get the quiet and reflective time that go with this season. We are in a way “fighting nature.” For many people this seasonal change also brings increased incidence of anxiety, depression, weight gain and lowered energy levels. Stress and anxiety also reduce immune function, making colds and flu more likely.  Acupuncture and related modalities can help us beat these winter blues.

From the Asian perspective, stress and anxiety are one of the primary causes of disease. Acupuncture can alleviate these conditions by facilitating improved flow of Qi. Qi (pronounced chee) in Chinese Medicine is the term for the vital energies in the body. This energy improves our capacity to think clearly, improves our sleep, digestion and our mood. Acupuncture helps our mind and body cope with seasonal change as well as our hectic modern lifestyle.

How does acupuncture help?
The gentle placement of acupuncture needles sends small signals into the tissues and nervous system. You might think of it as a orchestra conductor asking everyone to tune their instruments to the same key.  This sends healing information into the body and brain that harmonizes functions of the body.  As the stress response begins to fall away our emotions, sleep and energy levels tend to improve. Western science shows that acupuncture also improves the immune system.

For those new to acupuncture, treatment consists of gentle placement of very small, pre-sterilized acupuncture needles, not much larger than human hair. Discomfort is minimal to none. Most people experience treatment as extremely relaxing and clients often report better sleep, less pain and greater capacity to handle stress. For those who are needle sensitive, we also offer acupressure where we use our fingers to apply gentle pressure on these same points.

We also offer Shiatsu, a Japanese form of massage, which can be done over lose-fitting clothing or directly on skin similar to a normal massage. Acupressure and Shiatsu both balance the body energy in a way similar to acupuncture, so we have options to fit all needs.

Prevention as the best medicine!
From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine receiving preventive treatment is recommended. The more we can enter this season in a balanced state, the more likely we will move through it with better energy levels, less anxiety, and reduced frequency of colds and flus.
Call today to experience this for yourself. Together we can beat the winter blues. Visit our acupuncture page for more information or to book an appointment at https://cameronwellnessandspa.com/sugarhouse-spa-acupuncture/

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