As humans age, our bodies tend to produce less of certain hormones. Both men and women begin to experience hormone declines and often hormone imbalances as they age. Hormone imbalances can cause a variety of negative side effects that may impact a person’s quality of life. The wellness experts at Cameron Wellness and Spa can help residents of the Salt Lake City, UT area who are concerned about their hormone health.

When does hormone imbalance begin for men?

While boys will see a dramatic increase in their hormone levels at the onset of puberty, most men’s bodies produce a stable amount of hormones until around the age of 40. After they turn 40, men tend to see their testosterone levels begin to decline by about 1% per year. This change is often referred to as “male menopause,” though the changes for average men are not comparable to the sudden hormone changes women experience. Still, their steadily declining testosterone production can create a hormone imbalance for men. Symptoms of age-related hormone imbalance in men include hot flashes, sweats, infertility, weight loss, low bone density, erectile dysfunction, and reduced libido. Men who are experiencing these symptoms should contact Cameron Wellness and Span in Salt Lake City, UT for an evaluation.

When does hormone imbalance begin for women?

As they near their late 40s, most women begin to notice changes to their menstrual cycle. Their periods may become irregular or stop altogether. This is a signal that their ovaries are producing less estrogen and progesterone, and many women remain in this perimenopausal period for as many as 8 – 10 years. During the last couple of years of perimenopause, the decline in hormone production accelerates, and many women begin experiencing menopause symptoms, though some women will still have periods and may even be able to become pregnant. By age 55, most women have gone through menopause, meaning their ovaries will produce very low hormone levels. These women may experience hot flashes, decreased libido, vaginal dryness, insomnia, and depression, and their bone density may decline, making them more susceptible to fractures.

What hormone imbalances are unrelated to age?

Some hormonal changes may be unrelated to age. There are several conditions and illnesses that have been known to create hormone imbalances in men and women, including diabetes, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Cushing syndrome, Addison’s disease, and pregnancy. In other cases, hormone imbalance can be caused by other factors, including medications, especially chemotherapy drugs, eating disorders, stress, injury, trauma, and tumors.


Regardless of the cause, many symptoms of hormone imbalance are similar for men and women, and some symptoms are similar to those that result from age-related hormone changes, which can make it challenging to diagnose a hormone change that’s not related to age. For hormone imbalance unrelated to age, the most common symptoms include (for men) difficulty concentrating, decreased beard and body hair growth, and (for women) headaches and darkening of the skin along the neck, groin, and under-breast.

Get your hormones in balance with treatment

At Cameron Wellness and Spa, our team specializes in a variety of wellness treatments, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), which can help put your hormones in the proper balance. BHRT treatment can help alleviate hormone imbalance symptoms, like mood swings, hot flashes, and low libido for both men and women in the Salt Lake City, UT area. If you’re concerned about your hormone levels, contact our team today to schedule a consultation.

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