Sleep: Immune Support Without Supplements

During this pandemic of the Corona Virus, it has become apparent that we cannot always depend on supplements to support our immune system—especially now that basically every immune-supportive supplement has sold out. While supplements often provide a concentrated and convenient way of obtaining nutrients and herbs, they are not the end-all answer.

lab tests

In-Home Lab Testing: Optimizing Your Immune System and Health

While we are not drawing labs in-office at this time, we wanted to let you know about several lab companies that offer lab tests that you can do at home—some of them will even deliver directly to you.

These convenient and easy to perform tests can provide valuable insights on how to strengthen your immune system and optimize your health.

We Are Here For You!

While our choice of supplements to offer have been dwindling, we were able to source bulk powdered ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) at a great value.

We have also formulated an Anti-Viral and Immune Support tincture, which was inspired by world-renowned herbalist and author, Stephen Buhner. Click on the link above to learn more!!!