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Start the year right by establishing good habits from the beginning. Use these guidelines to lead you down the path to a healthy, balanced school year.

Snack Secret: Assign one of your fridge drawers the snack department for the family and they can eat anything they find in there. Check out our great Healthy, easy snack suggestion about what to keep in the drawer.

Morning Glory: Make sure to eat breakfast. Keep easy grab and go meals like yogurt, bars and ready-made proteins easy to find.

H2O: Find a special water bottle and keep (whenever possible) filtered water in the fridge. Cold water is more likely to get attention! Note: don’t freeze plastic, it breaks down and isn’t safe to ingest.

After School Needs: Make sure their needs are met in the afternoon – whether you’re there or not. Help them check-in with their water, food and rest needs; they really might require all three before homework or after school activities.

After School Activities: MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER! While we want to give our kids activities that detract from electronics and TV, try to find a balance between activities and down time. Engage them with a game night, books to read, or outside activities that bring you together. More than classes, they want to spend QUALITY time with family and friends.

Find Your Routine: The more we understand what is expected of us on a daily basis, the more successful we will be. We need sleep, nourishment, home and housework chores accomplished and connection with friends and family. Don’t forget hygiene! The younger they find a healthy routine for showering, brushing and washing the less you’ll have to remind them.

Supplements: Use supplements to support anxiety, stress and difficult transitions. Daily supplements should be food-based and recommended by your physician. Remember, food is the body’s best medicine!

Sleep, sleep, sleep! School starts so early and we have to remember how much work it is for our kids to be present for up to 8 hours. Children grow when they sleep, so let’s support their need to rest, renew and rejuvinate.

Back to the Future: While it’s easy to live in the past and the future, the present is right here. Time is short and our children are precious, don’t let the day to day hinder your enjoyment of the present moment.

Mother Nature Is Calling To You!: If we want to create a change in the way our children look at the world (or look at their screens) we need to show them by example. Take a walk, go for a swim, do a project, get outside! HAVE FUN!